Buggy rolls report 11/5-11/6

Buggy is a Carnegie Mellon tradition which has existed since 1920. The sport, which is practiced throughout the academic year, culminates in an annual series of relay races held on each year’s Raceday during Spring Carnival, in which teams vie for the title of “Champion.” The Buggy Rolls Report column reports on the buggies and roll counts for all of the teams which attend the freeroll practices (“rolls”) each weekend organized by the Carnegie Mellon Sweepstakes Committee. All of the information reported in the column is provided by the Carnegie Mellon Sweepstakes Committee.

CMU Buggy’s Mini Raceday was held last weekend, with buggy alumni and members of the CMU Buggy Alumni Association (BAA) flying in from across the country to spectate and assist. With the support of the BAA, teams were able to officially time their rolls — receiving an overall time, along with times for each of the hills, as well as the freeroll — for the first time this season.

In total, eight teams rolled on Saturday, Nov. 5. In roll order, they were: SDC (The Carnegie Mellon Student Dormitory Council), SPIRIT, SigNu (Sigma Nu), PiKA (Pi Kappa Alpha), Fringe, CIA (The Carnegie Involvement Association), Apex, and SigEp (Sigma Phi Epsilon).

SDC rolled three buggies: Vanity, Avarice, and Inferno. Vanity got one roll in, while Avarice and Inferno got two rolls in.

SPIRIT rolled three buggies: Kingpin II, Seraph, and Mapambazuko. Each buggy got two rolls in.

SigNu rolled one buggy, Jager, which got two rolls in.

PiKA rolled two buggies: Banshee and Raptor. Each buggy got two rolls in.

Fringe rolled one buggy, Burnout, which got two rolls in.

CIA rolled four buggies: Roadrunner, Tempest, Emperor, and Kingfisher. Each buggy got two rolls in.

Apex rolled three buggies: Molotov, Phoenix, and Solaris. Each buggy got two rolls in.

SigEp rolled two buggies: Kraken and Barracuda. Each buggy got two rolls in.

There were no rolls on Sunday, Nov. 6, due to anticipation of rain.