The Morewood Fire Man

Credit: Paloma Brites Credit: Paloma Brites

As you go home for holidays,
Knapsack packed to go,
Make sure to leave some kindling
For the Morewood Fire Man

He’s lonely without people
To bother wake and scare
The last of the vanguard
For whom the alarms blare

He lights his fires nightly,
Then snuffs them ‘fore
firemen come
For he’s a simple Fire Man
Won’t rest ‘till his deed done

He’ll interrupt your studying
Reveal the sneaky links
Clog the stairs A, B, C, D
Don’t even try the ‘vators

He’s why you fall asleep in Math
He’s why your crush won’t text you back
He’s why you’re out there in the cold
looking like a fucking idiot

It just doesn’t seem
to make any sense.
Why do they let him light his fires
When my smoke alarm won’t even
let me vape inside?