11/7/22 - Editor's Letter

Dear Readers,

Something something PILLBOX, something something brand new wonderful week...

No More Non-descript Somethings, in this issue we have been dedicated to give you specific Things.

Our operatic correspondent Alison Zheng returns on page 4 with a review of the opera whose musician she interviewed last week! Even if you don’t watch the opera, you can read it here!

William Curvan, rapidly proving himself a strong member of the PILLBOX bullpen, gives us a historiography of Carnegie Mellon University old and new (but mostly old) on page 6, and his take on Scotch and Soda’s production of “Something Rotten” on page 12. Needless to say, we’re excited to hear what he thinks.

Anna Cappella is still writing her serial on page 8, so you’d better keep reading.

Of course, when the great Jennette McCurdy came by our humble campus, our favorite Ire Alarape took some immense photos, which we proudly display on page 10.

H. F. Chacon Jr. drops another coool retrospective on page 14, this time on an obscure early 2010s Disney Comedy, “Lemonade Mouth.” Sick.

The always effervescent Cole Skuse, renowned editor-in-chief, comes through in our time of desperate need with another enthralling article about the head spinning tie-ins to a hit event of Marvel past on page 16.

Then poem, playlist, the end.

We cannot know much for sure in this ever-changing world, but we can at least promise you a big paper with big ideas and big endings. A new era is upon us.

your PILLBOX editors