Buggy rolls report 11/12-11/13

Despite Hurricane Nicole bringing inclement weather to Pittsburgh late last week, buggy teams made the most of the waning fall semester, waiting out the cold and wet to salvage one day of rolls last weekend.

There were no rolls on Saturday, Nov. 12, due to heavy rain the previous night.

In total, six teams rolled on Sunday, Nov. 13. In roll order, they were: SDC (The Carnegie Mellon Student Dormitory Council), SPIRIT, PiKA (Pi Kappa Alpha), Fringe, CIA (The Carnegie Involvement Association), and SigEp (Sigma Phi Epsilon).

SDC rolled two buggies: Avarice and Inferno. Avarice got six rolls in, while Inferno got two rolls in.

SPIRIT rolled two buggies: Seraph and Inviscid. Seraph got six rolls, in while Inviscid got five rolls in.

PiKA rolled two buggies: Cleo and Raptor. Each buggy got two rolls in.

Fringe rolled one buggy, Bumper, which got one roll in.

CIA rolled three buggies: Roadrunner, Emperor, and Kingfisher. Roadrunner and Kingfisher got six rolls in, while Emperor got four rolls in.

SigEp rolled one buggy, Kraken, which got four rolls in.