Peach Tree Rascals Concert Review

I've never been to an AB concert before, but I enjoyed Peach Tree Rascals this Saturday. It wasn't overwhelming, and I don't think anybody screamed their throat out, but it was nice. I liked the way they engaged with the audience, like how Tarrek tried on heart-shaped glasses from an audience-member, and also Isaac's floppy ears on his beanie. I really liked his floppy ears.

I will admit, I haven't listened to them much, if at all, outside of the one time I streamed their songs after hearing they would perform at Carnegie Mellon. I liked the vibes for sure, though as indie music it definitely would moreso go on my study playlist. But when I listened to them in person, with speakers blaring and spinning multi-colored lights, it definitely brought a new listening experience.

As for the concert itself, it wasn't filled to the brim with people by any means, but those there seemed to at least be more avid listeners of Peach Tree Rascals than I was. It opened with a student DJ, who played common pop songs, and Peach Tree Rascals themselves didn't start their performance until around 8:30 p.m. As we waited for them to come on stage, someone or a group of someones began to start a chant of "PTR! PTR!" that died out after half a minute. We shuffled awkwardly for a couple more minutes until the guitarist, drummer, and backup vocalist came on stage as cheers erupted. Then the cheering heightened when vocalists and rappers Isaac and Tarrek came on stage, who then explained that a member, Joseph, couldn't make it that day since it was his father's 70th birthday. Joseph is the vocalist who sings the hook of "Mariposa," a song that brought them to fame on TikTok.

The rest of the concert I think was pretty standard, with the occasional phone break and some audience interaction. Of the songs, I think I liked "Good Advice" and "I'm Sorry" the most, which were some of the slower songs they performed. They also gave a sneak peak of a yet-to-be-released song that I forgot the name of, but I also remember really liking the drum beat in that one, which accelerated for some bits and would then promptly drop off. At some point Tarrek I think splashed water on the audience before launching into "Mariposa," the last song of the night, and a few drops got onto my face, which I wasn't sure how I felt about.

But otherwise, I enjoyed their energy and the vibes. After the concert, I definitely walked away interested in learning more about the group and listening to more of their songs.