SBVPF Candidate: Sun A Cho

Student Body Vice President of Finance Candidate Sun A Cho. Student Body Vice President of Finance Candidate Sun A Cho.

Sun A Cho, a second-year studying electrical and computer engineering and engineering and public policy, is running for Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF). The role of the SBVPF is to manage the financial affairs on campus and oversee the Joint Funding Committee (JFC), which allocates funds to student organizations on campus.

In an interview with The Tartan, Cho said that, if elected, she hopes to balance increasing the efficiency of the JFC with creating a diverse and environmentally sustainable campus for students in the upcoming year. She has served on both the Student Senate and JFC, and she cites these experiences as helping her understand the finances “inside and out.” Cho said she is excited to be able to work with student organizations to deliver the “best possible experience to the student body in the next academic year.”

Cho’s primary goals are to make the process for reviewing funding applications for organizations generally more efficient and to foster collaboration between different funding resources that help student organizations. She said she wants to unite the funding resources available to student organizations on campus to make the funding process more efficient. She also hopes to host information sessions for student organizations and create a compiled guide for organizations to help them understand the application process and the different sources of funding available.

Beyond her primary goal of readjusting the infrastructure of the JFC, Cho wants to focus on improving environmental sustainability and diversity on campus. According to Cho, this includes working with student leaders and encouraging them to host events to raise awareness on the importance of these issues. However, she acknowledges that these goals can only be started by first making the JFC more efficient.

As students get closer to returning to campus, Cho has proposed implementing a special exception for organizations in the coming school year to allow for rollover and reallocation of their funds from the past year. She said that many organizations were less active this year. If she is elected, she hopes to work with student leaders to find ways for organizations to “recuperate from the loss of membership and their general presence on campus in the fall.”

As a first-generation immigrant, Cho said she understands the importance of diversity and inclusion on campus. Cho hopes to continue the new JFC policy of prioritizing organizations whose missions and goals are closely related to fostering a diverse environment on campus. She further hopes to have meetings with the JFC in the fall to discuss more ways for the JFC to help foster diversity and inclusion on campus.

Her final message to the voters is that the reason her campaign platform seems “limited” is because she does not want to promise changes to the student body that are “ideal but not realistic.” She believes that her platform is realistic and that her goals will be achieved by the end of her term as SBVPF.

Still, Cho cautioned, “This does not mean that there is no room for new initiatives and projects. I will be an accessible SBVPF. I hope to attend as many Student Senate [General Body Meetings] as possible and connect with student leaders to understand their financial needs in order to make the Tartan community better.”

Sun Cho's platform can be viewed here.