The Light in the Piazza

The Light in the Piazza by Adam Guetteld. Directed by Seamus Ricci and conducted by Christopher Larkin. A truly beautiful piece of art. Presented in the Chosky Theater in the Purnell Center.

The story follows a young American girl named Clara and her mother Margaret on their trip around Italy in the 1950s. On the trip, Clara falls in love with an Italian man, and even though there is a language and cultural barrier, nothing can stop them from being together.

The students of the School of Music did a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. Both casts created unique atmospheres and relationships to tell the story. Each actor came into their own for their respective roles. It was evident from watching that each individual on stage had unique ideas surrounding their character and motivations. Each student had such a beautiful and powerful voice and presence that captured the individuality of the roles onstage and their own interpretations of said characters.

As an audience member, it was clear that the actors had worked closely together on how they would be interacting onstage. Despite a large portion of the cast being the same on all nights, there was a cohesion among the ensemble as a whole. I recognize that each show would be different due to the difference in cast members. Despite the change in people, it seemed that all members worked together to figure out their character dynamics with their respective cast members.

It was a pleasure getting to witness how dedicated and imaginative each of these students are in performing this type of show such. The intense, detailed work that had been done prior to the show was highlighted throughout all four performances. Each audience recognized the extreme effort taken to perform such an intense show, and lauded the cast highly with multiple standing ovations.

Overall, the show was an incredible success, with many elegant costumes and quite a few costume changes, an imaginative set design with suspended furniture, gorgeous singing, a fantastic instrumental score, and an ensemble with enormous love for performance, pouring their hearts into their work.