Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness

Welcome to Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness, where we take a look at the Top 5 most-liked memes on Carnegie Mellon Memes for Spicy Teens posted in a month.

  1. "Carnival/Summer Break" by Madeline Kim (10/10)
    Note: to avoid conflict of interest, this meme is reviewed by Nora Mattson.
    This spoke to me as someone who always plays Mario Kart with the sound on. This evidently is something that most of the student body relates to as well, since it was the most liked meme. Or maybe they just relate to the feeling of intense time pressure and stress we feel during this time. Either way, it represents that feeling beautifully.

  2. "Canvas assignment" by Bobby Davis (9/10)

We've all been there: submitting an assignment at the last possible minute and tossing out our last scraps of dignity that we didn't know we had before the deadline. The only reason that I knocked off a point is the lack of originality; this was posted on various college meme pages with no changes (I'm on all the college meme pages I know of). Nevertheless, it's comforting to know that we are all standing in solidarity of carrying the burdens of our failed potentials.

  1. "Too much tuition" by Jose Garcia (10/10)

Yet another spicy meme from Jose and a format that I don't believe I've seen much of. I almost love it as much as I would love Carnegie Mellon to stop raising tuition. Almost.

  1. "Farnival" by Julius Yordnoff (9/10)

Jahanian's #Farnival was one of the top 10 anime betrayals, and Squidward's disappointment reflects mine. I'm still waiting for my Farnamoji shirt. C'mon, Farnam.

  1. "April parkour" by Cali Colliver (9/10)

The only thing stopping this from being a 10/10 meme is the font choice. We are no longer in the dark ages of the early 2010s memes; please, for the love of god, use a different font. Nevertheless, the post-Carnival-pre-summer grind never stops. Please excuse me as I cry from my tenth mental breakdown for the day.