NCAA Basketball roundup

The first week of March Madness just passed, and if you’re the typical Carnegie Mellon student, you probably did not get to watch much of what happened. Here’s everything you need to know regarding the NCAA tournament.

First, there were quite a few upsets to go around, though perhaps none as shocking as last year when 16th seed University of Maryland Baltimore County defeated the first seed University of Virginia (UVA) in the first round. This year, the largest seed differences in an upset happened between Murray State vs. Marquette, Liberty vs. Mississippi State, Ohio State vs. Iowa State, UC Irvine vs. Kansas State, and Oregon vs. Wisconsin, the highest seeded winner being a 13th seed. Both UVA and Duke nearly suffered upsets again as both their opponents managed to stay ahead in the first half, but were dominated nonetheless in the second.

Second, several standout performances have garnered quite a bit of attention. Ja Morant’s performance fueled Murray State’s upset over Marquette, despite a subsequent loss to Florida State. During that loss to Florida St., he put up a triple-double and another 28 points. Morant’s performance almost certainly raised his draft stock, an unlikely story for someone who was barely recruited. Fletcher Magee of Wofford led his team to a first-round win over Seton Hall by draining seven three-pointers. During the game, he broke the NCAA Division I record for the most career three-pointers made. However, he gained perhaps just as much attention for the next game against the University of Kentucky when he went 0-12 from the three-point line in a loss, which is the record for most missed threes in a game.

Third, Duke games are always matchups to look out for. Especially next game, they will be playing the University of Central Florida and their seven foot, six-inch tall Tacko Fall, who has been a defensive stalwart. Whether he can hold up against Duke’s Zion Williamson will be highly anticipated.

The second round will be wrapping up and the Sweet 16 round will also be happening this week. There will certainly be more action and drama that we’ll be staying on top of here at The Tartan, and hopefully so will you!