Asher Silverglade and Qianyi Chen on Tepper for all

Asher Silverglade, junior studying business administration, is running a campaign along with Qianyi Chen, junior studying psychology, for student body president and student body vice president, respectively.

When asked about the key priorities of the campaign, Silverglade stated that “we saw the new Tepper Quad and thought it was really nice…we thought it would be nice if all the schools could have something like that.”

The solution to such an issue, due to the high cost of building every school new buildings, is rather to “shut down all the other colleges except Tepper and undecided,” according to Silverglade.

Vice presidential candidate Chen further stated that in order to “really help them succeed,” each year, one student organization should be selected to receive the entire student activities fee budget.

"If elected, we promise to stand up to CMU dining,” citing the cost of beef jerky as a grievance, Silverglade notes.

Their official campaign website is a rickroll.

A key motivation of the campaign, Silverglade stated, “we like attention…I like attention.”