Student Government column

This past Thursday, April 26 a joint meeting led by the Student Body Vice President of Finance (SBVPF) between Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) and Undergraduate Student Senate was held to ratify the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) slate for fiscal year 2019. The purpose of this meeting was to not only approve the JFC slate, but also to host student organizations’ second-round appeals for specific line items on their respective FY19 budgets.

Some of the organizations that attended were the CMU Club Swimming, Tepper Finance Group, Redeem Campus Fellowship, and the Figure Skating Team. The crux of the meeting consisted of the appeals brought forth by the organizations attending. The appeal process involved the SBVPF stating her reasons and defending the JFC’s allocation, while the appealing organizations gave their presentation on why they were appealing for a higher amount. From there, there was a two-minute question and answer session followed by a five-minute discussion session.

The whole meeting went smoothly without any major issues. The most important outcome was that each club and organization was properly allocated the amount they need to operate next year. One of the most fundamental principles of the student government at Carnegie Mellon is to ensure that the Student Activity Fee is distributed in a manner in which it benefits the community as a whole.