Student Government column

The Undergraduate Student Senate’s Campus Life committee recently launched a new campus outreach initiative in the form of the Humans of CMU Facebook page. Originally based on Brandon Stanton’s viral Humans of New York Instagram account, Humans of CMU aims to showcase many of the unique and compelling stories that walk on our campus every day. The goal is to display the diversity of perspectives that our community has to offer, by profiling different organizations, individuals, and events on our campus. Humans of CMU will provide a central spotlight on the diversity, community, and unity that exists at the heart of the Carnegie Mellon community.

Initially, Humans of CMU wants to publish a series of interviews with influential student leaders on campus, aiming to show the variety of backgrounds that Carnegie Mellon University hosts. Student leaders are unique and often have compelling stories about their paths thus far that aren’t always visible from the outside. Humans of CMU aims to delve deeper into those moments and leverage the uniquely potent portrait-interview format to begin to tell those stories in a way that we can all relate.

Campus Life committee recognizes the ability of a variety of different figures to provide impactful insights that shape the experience of everyone on campus. In light of that, Humans of CMU will be reaching out to faculty and campus leaders as well as students, aiming to include their perspective and foster a culture of understanding where students and faculty can bond over shared cultural experiences and the joy of life’s most meaningful moments.

Moving forward with the project, the Campus Life committee aims to keep a consistent engagement with different aspects of our campus by creating special themed weeks that create a more focused view the various activities that shape the lives of all our students — for example, Humans of CMU will host “Athletics Week” and “Technology Week,” allowing the students and community members who are immensely dedicated to those activities to share their passion and illustrate the diversity that permeates our campus just below the surface.

Interviews are currently being conducted on campus, both through existing student leadership channels and through the classic, serendipitous approach utilized by the original Humans of New York. For those who have a story to share, please reach out to us too! Stay tuned on Senate’s Facebook page at Interested students will be contacted by Ryan Dumas to further the interview process.

Finally, Humans of CMU is just getting off the ground — check out the current Facebook post, and be sure to share the link with other members of our campus to spread awareness and discussion of the diversity, inclusion, and unity that our campus is capable of.

Please direct any inquiries, comments, or suggestions about this initiative to Ryan Dumas at