Eagles topple Patriots to earn first championship

For the first time since the advent of the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles can finally claim their very own Lombardi trophy. Defeating the New England Patriots in Minneapolis, the Eagles cemented their victory 41-33 in a thrilling, offensively vibrant game. There was only one punt the entire game, and nearly every drive ended with a scoring play for both teams. With a cumulative 1,151 total yards, this Super Bowl sets the mark for the largest number of yards in any NFL game ever, Super Bowl or otherwise.

The game was full of surprises, ranging from spectacular trick plays to dramatic fumbles. Tom Brady, constantly challenging the Eagles drive after drive, fumbled with less than three minutes left in the fourth quarter, essentially sealing the game for the Eagles. On the other side of the field, late in the second quarter, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles successfully pulled off the “Philly Special” — a trick play involving three different players, a pass to the quarterback, and a vital fourth-down touchdown conversion. A similar play was attempted by the Patriots earlier in the quarter, but Brady was unable to make the reception.

For much of the game, defense was almost invisible, and most non-scoring drives were ended by time running out or failure on the end of the offensive team, with both teams missing a field goal early in the game. The Eagles were stopped multiple times on two-point conversion attempts, and the Patriots missed an extra point, but 75 percent of the Eagles’ possessions ended in points of some kind, compared to only 54 percent for the Patriots. Both quarterbacks had career games, with Brady throwing over 500 yards and Foles averaging over eight yards per attempt, blowing the regular season statistic out of the water.

Coming down to the wire, with the Patriots surging forward, it was the Philadelphia defense who made the unlikely play of the game, sacking Brady and forcing a fumble. The Patriots managed one more drive in the game and came inches from completing a spectacular “Hail Mary” touchdown pass, reminiscent of an identical one at the end of another Super Bowl, ten years ago. Philadelphia was able to hold onto their lead for the franchise’s first NFL championship.

Foles was named Super Bowl MVP, throwing for three touchdowns and receiving one. Brady the received the league honor before the game.