Movies in McConomy

This week, Movies in McConomy will be screening two different thrill rides.

Ocean’s 8

The newest installment in the Ocean’s franchise stars Sandra Bullock as Danny Ocean’s sister, and follows her creation of a new team to pull off a heist. The film is effectively the same as Ocean’s 11 but lacking a lot of the style of Steven Soderbergh’s original. It’s not particularly special, but unlike some other reboots or remakes of franchises, this film has respect for its source material. If you want a fun, inoffensive film that will kill some time, I would recommend checking this one out. Otherwise, stick to the original Ocean’s 11.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Go watch this. You have no excuse not to if you’re available and want something to watch. It’s playing in the Cohon Center and it’s free. This is one of the best big budget action films since Mad Max: Fury Road and maybe one of the best action films ever. It’s a great homage to old-time spy action thrillers with several twists and turns. All the characters are fun to watch. The story is engaging. Ethan’s character gets some depth for once. They call back to the other films really well. But most importantly, the action is just jaw-dropping. This has the best of every kind of action sequence: it has one of the best skydiving sequences, one of the best fist fights, one of the best car chases, one of the best heists, one of the best foot chases, and, of course, the best (and only?) helicopter chase ever filmed. The level of effort that the entire crew, especially Tom Cruise, put into this film is incredible, and every other studio needs to take note of this and put in this level of effort and care into their own big budget films. If you have nothing to do and are choosing to binge Netflix, close that and go watch this instead. You won’t regret it.