Brunch Buddies

For the record, I went to this restaurant at midnight, which is technically morning. Thus, this does count as brunch.

Anyway, I recently went to Fuel and Fuddle, a restaurant that specializes in American comfort food. The reason I went so late was because 1.) I hadn’t eaten dinner, 2.) I had just been on a bus for 12 hours, and 3.) after 11 p.m., Fuel has a late night menu where everything on that menu is half off. So, a group of friends and I went with the sole intention of stuffing ourselves like turkeys.

The location: Fuel and Fuddle is located near the corner of Oakland and Forbes Avenue. A good way to remember this is that it’s right next to Stack’d, a fact that blew my mind as I walked there. It’s not too far away from everything in Oakland, and it’s located in a fairly busy spot.

The food: We played ourselves and accidentally ordered much more food than we anticipated. With the low late night prices, it was way too tempting to order the entire menu. We ordered pork nachos for the whole table, two of my friends both got individual orders of the same pulled pork sandwich, and I split a cajun chicken sandwich and pierogies with my third friend. The fact that we finished all of that food is a testament to its quality. It had been a while since I’d had good pierogies, and Fuel reminded me why I missed it. The addition of the adobo sauce, bacon, and sour cream only made the experience better. I don’t normally enjoy chicken at American restaurants because I find it to be too dry or unseasoned for my liking, but the cajun chicken at Fuel was incredible. Both my friends who ordered the pulled pork sandwich really loved their sandwiches, although they complained about being stuffed after eating half of it. However, the best dish was the pork nachos. I salute whoever came up with that idea and the people who prepared the dish that night.

The vibe: Even at midnight, the restaurant was fairly packed, with several patrons enjoying the late night drinks and food while watching NFL highlights. There was some nice classic rock playing in the background to really set the mood, and after a particularly long day, we were all instantly re-energized as we entered the restaurant.

Lit or Nah: I would easily classify Fuel as lit. My overall experience was great, and it’s incredibly fun to go here with several friends and eat as much food as humanly possible for a very affordable price. I highly recommend checking out Fuel—be it early in the day or late at night.