Student Government Column

Over the last few weeks, the Student Senate has been working tirelessly to serve the undergraduate population. From Oct. 21 to Oct. 26, the Senate hosted a whole week of engagement. During Senate Week, the Undergraduate Senate informed and offered many activities for the students, including the Strip Crawl, an event called “Key to my Success,” a Q and A session about any comments or concerns regarding Housing Services and Facilities Management Services, and an information session to assist organizations on applying for funding resources and special allocations. The week was a valuable experience for Carnegie Mellon students to see how the Senate is continuously representing the undergraduates, reflecting the theme of representation.

Within the last two weeks, the Senate has been deeply involved in the discussion of the Housing Master Plan. Communicating with representatives, the Undergraduate Senate is playing a critical role in the consultation and advisement of new study spaces, students centers, fitness centers, computer clusters, and other resources that will benefit the undergraduate population.

Finally, the Senate has continued its role of providing mid-year funding to clubs and organizations that recently formed or have recently acquired unexpected costs. This happened to several organizations, including the Chess Club and the Spanish and Latin Student Association. Determined to support programs and offer benefits to the Undergraduate population, the Senate continues to review finance requests to support student organizations. The Undergraduate Student Senate is continuing to tackle new problems, develop new events and opportunities, and advocate on behalf of the student population.