Student Government Column

Hello from the Student Government Cabinet! We’ll be providing updates here in The Tartan at the end of each month to let you know what the Cabinet is doing to make your Carnegie Mellon experience enriching, meaningful, and inclusive. This week, we wanted to let you know a bit more about who we are and what our goals are for this year.

Our Student Body President and Vice President are Roshni Mehta and Tyler Davis, respectively, who have both been hard at work bringing the visions of their platform to life. With a sustained focus on advocacy for underrepresented groups, diversity of thought and background, and preparation for students’ post-graduation years, Roshni and Tyler are completely committed to addressing and anticipating your needs and concerns.

Each chair on the Cabinet is in charge of a specific facet of campus life. Sophomore Christina Li is our Health & Wellness Chair, and is dedicated to raising awareness of mental and emotional health by improving resources available to students. Caroline Orrico, a senior with many semesters on the Student Senate, serves as the Campus Engagement Chair and is working on several initiatives to increase school pride and community involvement. As the Diversity & Inclusion Chair, senior Catherine Mondoa is working on developing lasting connections between different groups on campus. Alex Moy is a fifth-year student serving as the Alumni Engagement Chair, focusing on outreach efforts to our valued alumni. Our Professional Chair, senior Emma Frenchu, is expanding on the existing professional resources available on campus as students explore career options. Senior Patrick Tan is in charge of Public Relations with the campus and community at large.

My name is Lindsey Shi and I’m the Writer for the Cabinet this year. Finally, managing all of us is our Chief of Staff Liam Walsh, a junior who keeps the Cabinet running smoothly through coordination and planning.

We are very excited for our initiatives, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback throughout the year!

Lindsey Shi is also Business Manager for The Tartan.