Letter to the Editor: Dr. Christine Ford deserved to be heard earlier

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I decline to speculate on events that may or may not have happened 30 years ago. It is entirely possible that whatever happened at the time was so traumatizing to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the clinical psychology professor at Palo Alto University, is that she couldn’t mention anything until a therapy session in 2012. Perhaps the nomination of U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court convinced her to take steps to make her story public, even if she had wanted to stay anonymous at the time.

None of these excuse the lack of due diligence exercised by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) upon receiving Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh in July. Not once did Feinstein attempt to confront Kavanaugh about the allegations during any private meeting with him or during any of the confirmation hearings.

By eschewing consideration for both the accuser and the accused, Feinstein demonstrated not a single ounce of genuine empathy for Ford. Instead, she wielded the accusation as a nakedly political weapon, to be unleashed at the most opportune moment for chaos. Is it surprising that many Republicans are crying foul at this eleventh-hour attack while some Democrats fume that this hadn’t been acted upon earlier?

Now we have a situation where some on the right have immediately dismissed Ford as a diehard #Resistance member willing to do anything to stop President Donald Trump while some on the left will believe Kavanaugh to be guilty no matter what evidence is eventually presented. The reactions probably would have been similar had these allegations become public earlier, but at least the allegations themselves would not have been used as a distinctly political tool. In that respect, Ford’s words should have, at the very least, been given the dignity of genuine consideration.

Ian Tanaya, Class of 2018, was a Sports editor for The Tartan.