Fantasy football week two sees injuries destroy teams

Injuries are the bane of every team’s existence: a great roster of high score players will not win if injuries occur. (credit: Courtesy of Western University via Flickr Creative Commons) Injuries are the bane of every team’s existence: a great roster of high score players will not win if injuries occur. (credit: Courtesy of Western University via Flickr Creative Commons)

Another week of fantasy football has come and gone. We laughed, we cried, and some of us got our butts kicked. No one as bad as me, though. With the only team that was not able to score in the triple digits, I was the overall loser this week by more than 20 points. I’ve accepted this dramatic downfall, and I’m ready to unpack where I went so wrong. Check out this week’s highlights from your favorite fantasy football league.

Yes We Cam over Drop It like it’s Crock 126.2-88.3

This was a tough week for me and a tough loss. I faced off against Editor-in-Chief (and my best friend/other half) India Price. After coming off of a stellar performance in week one, a quad injury took Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson out of the game so he scored a whopping zero points for my team. Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen also took an injury this week and only racked up two points before breaking his foot. Without him in my arsenal for the next six to eight weeks, I’ll be scrambling to find a good replacement before week three.

Price’s players, on the other hand, were all perfect beacons of health. Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders totaled 24.2 points for her against the Cowboys. Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman also scored a solid 24 points with two touchdowns and 84 rushing yards. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back from this loss so Price can stop using this as yet another excuse to make fun of me.

Justin Tucker Must (not) Die over Third-String Team 126.7-112.2

This was a much deserved win for contributing editor Lula Beresford who had previously lost to a team that had a player on bye week. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did what she drafted him to do. Throwing 447 yards and 3 touchdown passes, Brady scored 30.8 points for Beresford’s team. Green Bay wide receiver Davante Adams also stepped up in the wake of Nelson and Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb’s injuries. He managed eight catches for 99 yards, scoring 23.9 points.

Contrary to the predictions from the first week, assistant sports editor Marika Yang has not managed to pull out a win. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce really carried her team with 103 receiving yards and a touchdown reception to score 24.3 points, a surprisingly high number for a tight end. While Beresford and I have gotten lucky in the past two weeks against Yang, her actual football knowledge is bound to eventually catch up with us. Yang’s team is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Easy Breesy over Team Andah 139.7-111.4

Sports editor Ian Tanaya pulled out a win over SciTech editor Josh Andah’s still unnamed team. Tanaya’s win was very easy breezy with all of his players, except one, scoring in the double digits. Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt scored two touchdowns and rushed 81 yards totaling in 25.9 points for Tanaya. New England tight end Rob Gronkowski also managed to rake in a lot of points with a 53 yard score. He ended the game with 23.6 points.

Despite Andah’s lack of attention to his team, he seems to be fairing surprisingly well. Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans managed to catch seven passes on nine targets and a touch down reception. He finished the game with 22.3 points. What really hurt Andah’s team was Chicago Bears Jordan Howard’s shoulder injury. Being limited to only seven carries and nine yards left him with 0.7 points at the end of his face off against Tampa Bay. We’ll have to tune in next week to see if Andah’s strategy of completely ignoring his team will still pay off in avoiding the overall loser spot. Maybe it’s a strategy that could’ve helped me this past week.