VPO Candidate Profile: Hannah Nourie

Junior biological sciences and biomedical engineering major Hannah Nourie is running for Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO). If elected, Nourie will focus her efforts on the recognition and re-recognition processes. Her campaign identifies two goals that try to balance limited resources with growing student organizations. They are: to determine proactively which organizations the Committee of Student Organizations (CoSO) will not re-recognize, and to convene the University Center Allocations Board (UCAB) annually, as opposed to every two years.

CoSO, the committee responsible for recognition and re-recognition, and UCAB, the board responsible for allocation of spaces, are both committees chaired by the SBVPO. CoSO also has a Director of Re-Recognition appointed by the SBVPO, a position Nourie served this year. In an interview with The Tartan, Nourie says this position “has given [her] great appreciation for all of the work that is done to maintain organizations on campus.”

She has also been involved as a leader of several on-campus organizations, including Project Smile and The Mindfulness Room, SARVE Activism for Everyone (SAFE), and Delta Gamma.

“I believe that with my experience on both sides of the student government recognition of organizations equips me with the ability to streamline the processes of recognition and re-recognition,” Nourie said of her leadership past.

Nourie also added how much she has enjoyed serving on CoSO. “It has been so much fun working with some of the most involved students on campus and it is my favorite part of the week,” she said. “It’s also an opportunity to hear students tell us about their passions and their plans for new organizations on campus.”
Nourie is passionate about the role that student organizations play on campus, calling them “essential for the Carnegie Mellon Experience.”

In Nourie’s words, “We connect with our [Carnegie Mellon] Community and form relationships with people with passions similar to ours. I have gained invaluable experiences in leadership through taking on positions in organizations.”