Advice for Awkward People

Dear Shanley and Rachel,

Hello. So The CIT Ball is coming up this week, and I’m super pumped to go. So the thing is, I know that the guy usually asks the girl… But I was so excited about the ball that I thought that maybe I should be the one to ask a guy. In a panic with only a week until the ball, I decided to ask one of my close guy friends. I guess I may have made TOO big of a deal about it, because I went all out on asking him. I went to the store and bought several balloons. Then I contacted his roommate so I could put them all in there to surprise him. I had never asked anyone to a dance before, so I thought that I should make it magical. Well I guess I made it TOO magical. Because he came back to his dorm and freaked out. And when I mean freaked out, I mean he yelled at me saying, “Who are you? Why are you in my room? Get out!” I guess we weren’t as close friends as I thought. I am now really embarrassed. I want to go to the ball with a guy, but I guess I’m lost on how to ask someone now. Do you have any recommendations on how I should ask in the future?

Dates Are Tough, Even Laid-back Events Seriously Suck

I am so sorry that asking your guy out didn’t work. But don’t let that get you down! Being awkward isn’t easy, and trust me, I’ve been in that awkward stage before. I recommend that maybe you should ask more casually, especially if you’re asking a friend. Besides, if you go with one of your guy friends then you guys can just have a good time with no pressure. Maybe next time go to one of your friends and just be like, “hey I heard the CIT ball is coming up next week, and I was wondering if you think it’d be chill if we went together.” That way it is very casual so even if you do get rejected it’s not that big of a deal. Maybe before you ask, you could ask one of his friends if you think he would go with you. But even if another guy says no, don’t take it personally! There are plenty fish in the Carnegie sea.

From yours truly,
Shanley and Rachel

Dear Ruth,
The other night, I went on a date with a cute boy and we had a great time over dinner and drinks. We went back over to my place, one thing led to another, and well... you know how it goes. The next morning, however, I was in a pickle because as someone not on birth control, I had to quickly run to my nearby CVS and purchase Plan B. Did you know Plan B is $50?! That’s ridiculous. Anyway, I let the boy know about that situation. However, I lowkey think he should help me out paying for the Plan B. I mean, we both decided unprotected sex was a risk worth taking, and it does take two to make a baby. Should I ask him to split halvsies with me on the Plan B pill?

Pay a Little And No Babies

Hello PLAN B,
Our society and the medical community like to put the vast majority of birth control responsibility on women. The only male-specific form that’s even commercially available right now is condoms, and I’ll be honest, I know a lot of women who keep their own supply just in case. This is, I think, totally B.S. Just because one party faces a lot more risk if conception actually happens doesn’t mean everyone involved shouldn’t take equal responsibility. So yes, you should absolutely ask him to go halvsies on your Plan B; and if he complains, remind him that it’s way less expensive than going halvsies on raising a child. (Also, pro-tip: generic is only $30.)

Get some safely,