Student Government column

Carnegie Mellon is a global research university that offers unlimited opportunities for growth, experience, and interdisciplinary engagement for its students. We have seen Carnegie Mellon graduates become the country’s next leaders in research, entrepreneurship, the STEM field, and a multitude of other disciplines. Now, it’s time for Carnegie Mellon students, alumni, and other affiliates to show our appreciation to the institution that has given us so much.

This year, Carnegie Mellon University will be celebrating Giving Tuesday on Nov. 28. This is an incredible opportunity for students to give back! After the great success that the event had last year, Carnegie Mellon is hoping to further engage its students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends this year by utilizing the power of social media. From 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., Carnegie Mellon University will be hosting a variety of events and challenges, both online and offline, to break the old record set last year of most donors giving in one day — 1,430! The highlight of these challenges is the Presidential Student Match of a 2:1 dollar match for students only, so a $5 gift can become $15 or a $10 gift can become $30. There are also matching funds for the Nooks project and the UPLIFT project, and much more!

To kick off the event, students are invited to a midnight party — Plaid Palooza! At that time, Carnegie Mellon will begin its social media challenges and award two students with $500 each to give to any fund of their choice. Throughout the rest of the day, you can find tabling events in the Cohon Center and get a chance to make your gift and recommend any fund to receive $500!

Where exactly does your donation go? The answer is simple: anywhere! You can choose to donate to any fund at Carnegie Mellon, including a student organization you are a part of, your department, your school, or anywhere else! Your donation can go towards helping anything you are passionate about growing and develop so that future generations of Carnegie Mellon students can also partake in these experiences.

Make sure to check the Carnegie Mellon University and Carnegie Mellon Alumni pages of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and use the hashtag #givingCMUday throughout Giving Tuesday for challenges and updates on the fundraising progress!

Remember, if your heart is in the work, give from your heart this Giving Tuesday!