A Message from Student Government

Welcome back, students of Carnegie Mellon! After a summer full of new and fulfilling experiences, whether they were internships, research positions, or relaxing at home, we are already back in the swing of things and ready to start off the semester while continuing to put our hearts into the work. As your student representatives for the 2017-2018 school year, we have strategized on how to provide the most enriching student experience at Carnegie Mellon. The student body executives, along with members of Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly, were elected to tailor the student experience with the needs of our growing community. We are incredibly excited to share with you all the new initiatives that student body government has to share for this semester.

Student body government has identified four main pillars that demonstrate our priorities for this school year: mental health awareness, fiscal transformation, collaboration, and diversity. Students with a passion to improve each sector were appointed to the Student Body President’s Cabinet to spearhead the initiatives of each pillar. The mental health awareness pillar focuses more on providing students with a more accurate understanding of the demands of their courses as well as figuring out how to make wellness a more viable option. Fiscal transformation deals with the finances of the university and making university transactions more transparent to students. The collaboration pillar aims to unite student organizations and provide greater entrepreneurship opportunities to students. Finally, the diversity pillar focuses on the inclusion of students of all backgrounds. To accomplish the goals of each pillar, we are working with university administration and entities, such as Counseling and Psychological Services and the new Center for Diversity and Inclusion, to meet the needs of the entire student body.

If you have any questions regarding the pillars, please contact the respective chair. Their contact information can be found below:

Mental Health Awareness Chair : Michael James,
Fiscal Transformation Chair: Tiffany Lu,
Co-Collaboration Chair: Simran Jobanputra,
Co-Collaboration Chair: Christie Chang,
Diversity: Kameron Bradley,

Other notable points of contact for student body government include:

Student Body President: Neal Choudhary,
Student Body Vice President: Pulkita Dua,
Student Body Vice President for Finance: Gaby Cach,
Student Body Vice President for Organizations: Hannah Nourie,
Graduate Student Assembly President: Travis Carless,
Undergraduate Student Senate: Maitreyee Joshi,

Together, we can all work to improve the overall student experience. We wish you a successful semester!