International News in Brief

Italy rallies together to mourn lives lost in earthquake
ASCOLI PICENO — On Aug. 24 a magnitude 6.2 earthquake ripped through Italy leaving roughly 290 people dead and more than 2,000 homeless. A state funeral was held in in a local gym in Ascoli Piceno for those that were killed in the earthquake. Hundreds of people were in attendance at the Catholic ceremony. Makeshift camps have been set up in light of the disaster.
Source: CNN

French burkini swimwear ban reversed by court
NICE — Following the release of images on a beach in Nice of police forcing a woman to remove her burkini, the highest court in France, The Council of State, ruled that mayors do not have the authority to ban the garment. This news follows a ban of the swimwear, which covers the whole body except for the face hands and feet, in more than 30 french cities.
Source: CNN

Attack in Kabul leaves at least twelve dead
KABUL — An attack on the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul has left seven students, three police officers, and two university guards dead. Three attackers were involved. One detonated a suicide car bomb at the entrance, allowing the other two to enter the campus and begin gunfire. It is suspected that the Taliban is involved in the attack.
Source: ABC News

Bases near Jarablus attacked by Turkish rebels
JARABLUS — Turkish airstrikes have hit bases and residential areas near Jarablus. This was reported by Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria. These airstrikes come following the siege of Jarablus by Turkey-backed rebels. The Jarablus Military Council called it an “unprecedented and dangerous escalation” that could “endanger the future of the region.”
Source: The Associated Press

Russian warehouse fire kills seventeen female workers
MOSCOW — A warehouse fire in Russia killed 17 migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan. The victims, all women, were trapped in a dressing room while changing for work when the fire, which was caused by a faulty lamp, began. Three other women were also injured in the fire.
Source: The Associated Press

Protest in Zimbabwe extinguished by police forces
HARARE — A protest against President Robert Mugabe in the Harare, the capital of Zimbabe, was broken up by Zimbabwean police. Officers used tear gas, water cannons, and beat protesters with batons. This violent act occurred despite the court’s allowance of the protests. This event has only increased tensions in the country of Zimbabwe.
Source: The New York Times