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Student Body Presidential candidates face off in debate

During last week’s Student Government debates, candidates for Student Body President (SBP) and Student Body Vice President (SBVP) hewed close to their...

Sanders dominates in the west, but Clinton takes Arizona

This week, the Democratic primary saw three states vote on what the news cycle decided to call “Western Tuesday.”

Republican primary gets personal as western states vote

With the Republican field down to just three candidates, the primary season is finally starting to wind down.

On the Issues: Candidates’ band-aid solutions seek to cut health spending

Health care is the policy area where both the parties and individual candidates are farthest apart.

Nina Fan seeks to make life easier for organizations as VPO

Sophomore statistics major Nina Fan is running for Student Body Vice President for Organizations

Neal Choudhary puts years in JFC at center of platform

Sophomore finance major Neal Choudhary is running for Student Body President for Finance

Harit Agrawala focuses on public understanding of JFC

Harit Agrawala is running for Student Body Vice President for Finance

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