Crime and Incident

Pedestrian Vehicle Accident

March 2, 2016

A Carnegie Mellon student reported that while jaywalking at the intersection of Clyde Street and Fifth Avenue, a passing vehicle ran over her feet. The student explained that the driver did not stop the vehicle or offer aid, and quickly left the scene afterwards. She was given medical attention after the incident.

Dumpster Fire

March 3, 2016

A dumpster fire broke out in the Wean Hall loading dock, and was promptly extinguished by University Police and the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. Upon investigation, University Police determined that an improperly discarded cigarette bud was the cause of the fire.


March 4, 2016

A Carnegie Mellon student was robbed of her iPhone in the Gates Hillman Complex. A University Police officer witnessed the robber being chased by the victim who was screaming for help. The culprit was in turn taken into custody by University Police and charged with robbery.

Suspicious Male

March 7, 2016

A Carnegie Mellon student was reportedly followed by an unknown male from the 5200 block of Forbes Avenue to the Cohon Center. The student told University Police that the male was mimicking her actions and made her feel uncomfortable. An investigation is ongoing.

Suspicious Vehicle

March 14, 2016

University Police responded to the intersection of Morewood Avenue and Ellsworth Avenue to assist the City of Pittsburgh Police in searching for a suspicious vehicle which was following a Carnegie Mellon student.

Theft of Bicycle Tire

March 15, 2016

A Carnegie Mellon student’s bicycle tire and rim were stolen from the bicycle racks outside of Doherty Hall facing Baker Hall. An investigation is ongoing.

Motor Vehicle Accident

March 18, 2016

University Police responded to two separate motor vehicle accidents. In the first, a Carnegie Mellon staff member told University Police that a non-affiliate backed into a Facilities Management Services vehicle on Frew Street by Hunt Library. The second accident occurred at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Morewood Avenue for a non-affiliate who hit the back of a Carnegie Mellon escort bus. In both incidents, University Police officers assisted each driver in exchanging information.