Letter to the Editor: Accepting Diversity

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As graduate student leaders, we want to break the silence about what is going on outside of our school. In particular, we want to address all communities of color at Carnegie Mellon, Muslim students, international students, and the LGBTQ community:
The violence at Trump rallies, which recently occured in Illinois, Florida, and neighboring Ohio highlight the extremist views of a very small minority of this country. It is, however, a violent part of America that has just been given a clear national mainstream platform. A lot of us find it difficult to believe that it is happening in our country, and feel overwhelmed by it.
Some of you may need to hear this, so we want to take a moment away from work to say:
No matter who you are, where you come from, or who you pray to, your lives and your voices are valuable in this country.
At Carnegie Mellon, we see and value the diversity that each and every one of you bring to the table day in and day out. Our school and our community are better places because you are here, adding your voice to the discussion and life we see every day. Please remember this as you use your voice and your intelligence to stand up against those who would you treat you as scapegoats. Please support each other in and out of the lab. Remind yourselves of your value.
We would like to also say do not dismiss what is happening regardless of your race and ethnicity. Get involved.
Speak out as loudly and as clearly as you are able to. Even Pittsburgh, despite what it might feel like at times and despite what your windowless office might seem like, is very much part of this.

With love and solidarity,
Allies Grad Executive Board
Indian Graduate Student Association Executive Board
Jewish Graduate Student Association Executive Board