International news in brief

Islamic state bomber kills two people in Yemen

ADEN — In the latest Islamic State bombings, two people were killed and five were wounded from a suicide car bomb attack. Islamic state militants named the attacker as Oweis al-Adani. This is the latest in a string of ISIS suicide bombings in Yemen.

Source: Reuters

WWII "comfort women" sex slaves speak out

MANILA—89–year–old Hilaria Bustamante is the latest Philippine woman speaking out about being repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers during the 1943 Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Bustamante is one of an estimated 80,000 to 200,000 women, labeled as “comfort women,” to suffer this treatment.

Source: [ITAL]The New York Times[ITAL]

Chilean daughter–in–law makes court appearance

SANTIAGO — Chilean President Michelle Bachelet’s daughter–in–law, Natalia Compagnon, is being investigated for allegations of fraudulent tax affairs. The allegations against Compagnon include false tax declarations, misrepresenting her income, and issuing fraudulent invoices. Chilean citizens were heard shouting outside the court.

Source: Reuters

British mother is convicted of joining ISIS

LONDON —Tareena Shakil, a 26–year–old mother, was found guilty of joining ISIS and promoting terrorism on social media. Shakil had previously taken her son to Syria and posted pictures of him standing next to a weapon. She has denied joining ISIS, but detectives have uncovered a photograph of her posing under the ISIS flag.

Source: Reuters

Electricity in Iraq affected by blast from explosion

ERBIL — A pipeline that is used to generate half of the city’s electricity in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan was hit by a blast, causing a power outage. The explosion is said to have been caused by two homemade bombs. Authorities were able to restore most of the power back to the city.

Source: Reuters

Oxford University will keep statue of Cecil Rhodes

LONDON — Oxford University has voted to keep its statue of Cecil Rhodes, an imperialist benefactor seen by many as an architect of apartheid. The decision came after several university students expressed their disapproval of the statue. Cecil Rhodes was a former student of the university.

Source: [ITAL]The New York Times[ITAL]