The Tartan fantasy football league takes a creative turn

Fantasy football has been quite the source of excitement in the Tartan office. Although some of us are still a little confused about what's actually going on, some of us (mainly me) have truly begun to shine. Everyone has gotten pretty invested in their team, from trash talking to intense planning. We are finally in week 10 of our Tartan fantasy league, and it was quite a shake-up. I was not the overall loser, but opted to write the article because I live for any chance I get to roast people. I've been killing the fantasy game lately and with four wins in a row under my belt, I'm excited to head into the next week and make it five. However, I can't jump to week 11 without first talking about what an amazing week 10 I had, so without further ado, let’s get into the matchups for week 10.

Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood vs extremely dank team 138–105
This week I went up against Sports Editor Alex Wood, and I’d like to say that I completely destroyed him. Wood had a pretty good week with quarterback Cam Newton completing 23 of 38 passes for 261 yards for a total of 23 points. Dez Bryant also brought him a decent number of points catching six of nine targets for a total of 116 yards and a touchdown pass for a total of 23 points. None of this was enough however to win after the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott brought me in a whopping 40 points by rushing 21 times for 114 yards and scoring three touchdowns. Despite the fact that I had a few single scoring players and left 22 points on my bench with Demaryius Thomas and 21 points with Davante Adams, I was still able to take home the victory thanks to Elliot’s outstanding performance and continue my four game winning streak.

Loquacious Losers vs What is going on? 123–106
This is one of those weeks where Forum Editor Sinead Foley appeared to really not know what was going on. Despite not setting her line up and leaving Marvin Jones, who was on bye week, in her lineup, she still had some luck on her side and was able to rack up a respectable number of points. Running back Ryan Matthews brought her in 29 points after he rushed a total of 109 yards and caught two passes for an additional 30 yards. Quarterback Blake Bortles also racked up a decent number of points after completing 32 of 49 passes. However, this wasn’t enough to stop Le’Veon Bell who brought Pillbox Editor Abhishek Tayal 33 points after catching nine of ten targets and a touchdown pass.

Pladdie Daddies vs How does this work? 125–82
Foley didn’t seem to be any more aware of her second team as she left Golden Tate — who was also on bye week — in her lineup. Stefon Diggs still managed to score her 29 points after catching for 164 yards. Her quarterback Marcus Mariota also managed to rack up 27 points after completing 19 of 26 passes for 295 yards. It wasn’t enough to stop Online Editor India Price though. LeGarrette Blount scored her 24 points after carrying 21 times for 69 yards and scoring all three of the Patriot’s touchdowns. Her quarterback Eli Manning also brought in a decent 17 points in the Giants win over the Bengals. A.J. Green also brought in a solid 19 points after catching seven passes, including a touchdown pass, for a total of 68 yards. Price brought her A game this week, but will she be able to pull off this kind of win next week when she's a playing a team that will probably remember to set their lineup?

DeMarco DePolo vs Masshole Knickerbockers 133–93
Layout Manager Zeke Rosenberg took home the victory over former Personnel Manager Lula Beresford. Despite not even having DeMarco Murray in his lineup this week, he still ranked up quite a few points from players like Jordy Nelson who scored 30 points after completing 12 catches for 126 yards and scoring a touchdown. Antonio Brown also brought in 35 points despite losing 10 yards on his only carry of the Steelers loss to the Cowboys. Beresford still put up a good fight with wide receiver Allen Robinson after gaining 107 yards and a touchdown pass for a total of 27 points. However, the Cowboys defense scoring her -3 points did not help. As the resident Cowboys fan of The Tartan, I would like to apologize on their behalf. At least we beat the Steelers though! #WeDemBoyz

Dreamland Warriors vs McManus’s Anus 165–111
Assistant Sports Editor Ian Tanaya had a pretty good week with almost all of his players scoring in the double digits. Odell Beckham Jr. brought him in 25 points after catching 10 of 11 targets and scoring a touchdown. Larry Fitzgerald also scored 25 points after completing 12 receptions for 133 yards. The Ravens defense also brought him in a whopping 16 points after catching two interceptions against Cleveland Browns. Publisher Sarah Gutekunst did not fare as well this week with almost half of her team scoring in the single digits. Quarterback Russell Wilson brought her in a respectable 25 points by completing 25 of 37 passes for 348 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. Running back C.J. Prosise also scored her 21 points after rushing 17 times for 66 yards and catching seven passes for 87 yards in his first career start. However, it wasn’t enough to beat Tanaya who’s been at the top of the Tartan fantasy scoreboard for a while now.

In the end, some won, some lost, some trash talked, and some received trash talking, but everyone is sure to step up their game (and set their lineup) for week 11. I’m facing off against my best friend, roommate, and literal other half, Price this week so the loser is sure to experience the brunt of the loss for weeks to come. Stay tuned.