International news in brief

20 more arrests in El Chapo escape

MEXICO CITY — 13 more people have been arrested in the aftermath of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s escape last July.
The list of arrests now includes 20 people. “El Chapo” escaped through a tunnel built in his cell and had previously escaped from prison in 2001.

Source: NYT

Five killed in Chile earthquake

ILLAPEL, CHILE — At least five people died and one million evacuated after an 8.3-magnitude earthquake shook the coast of Chile this past Wednesday. The epicenter of the earthquake, thought to have been about 34 miles from the city of Illapel, triggered a tsunami alert and coastal evacuations.

Source: CNN

North Korea offers peace and missiles

PYONGYANG — North Korea has announced a plan to fire a long-range rocket that it says is for a space program. To reduce tension, Kim Jong Un’s regime has leveraged the reunions of families separated by the 1950–53 Korean war.

Source: Reuters

Pope Francis visits Cuba and then US

HAVANA, CUBA — Pope Francis’s visit to Cuba last Saturday has been followed by speculation of his influence over US-Cuba talks. This visit occurred immediately before his three-city tour of the United States. The visit is seen as a reminder that the embargo on the island nation is viewed by the Vatican as an unjust and crippling practice.

Source: The Telegraph

Croatia struggles with refugee crisis

ZAGREB, CROATIA —More than 17,000 migrants have entered Croatia since this past Wednesday. Having been blocked from entrance into Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia, the thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers hoping to enter Western Europe are now left to go wherever the region’s border controls direct them.

Source: NYT

Tsipras’ Party keeps power

ATHENS, GREECE — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras maintained power in Greek politics when his Syriza party claimed 35.3 percent of the parliamentary vote.
The Syriza party now seeks to form a coalition government with a far right party, which would secure Tsipras’ presidency.

Source: Reuters