International news in brief

European Union seeks solution to Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi refugee crisis; in Vienna, Germany announces state of emergency

Last Wednesday, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, proposed a plan to begin making a dent in the massive migrant problems that have been making international headlines throughout the past month. Juncker called for each of the member countries to open their borders for a portion of 160,000 immigrants. The plan was met with significant opposition from countries that would be expected to welcome a quota of refugees from Africa or the Middle East. In the past, the European Union has failed to agree to terms that give a quota for migrants. However, with the rise of international awareness of the problem and a stronger push for reform, a search for a compromise will continue.
Germany announced on Sunday that the country had declared a nationwide border state of emergency. Interior minister Thomas de Mazière stated that the decision was “desperately necessary” for the integrity of the German nation.

Source: The New York Times

Iran nuclear deal passes in the House

On Tuesday, U.S. president Barack Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal passed in Congress with 41 votes. The deal will now go to the Senate, where it is unclear what the fate of the deal will be and how Democrats will strategize to pass it.

Source: Politico

California assembly passes right-to-die legislation; governor makes final decision

On Wednesday, the California state assembly passed a bill to allow terminally ill residents to ask their physicians to administer life-ending drugs. California Governor Jerry Brown will have the final say on the bill. California has the opportunity to join Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont in growing assisted suicide legislation, which is modeled after Oregon’s right-to-die law. This issue, which has been contested in California for nearly a quarter of a century, gained notoriety last year when brain cancer-stricken Brittany Maynard moved to Oregon from California to end her life.

Source: The LA Times