International news in brief

[BOLD]Moscow[BOLD] — The Russian government has lifted a ban on arms supply to Iran, providing the Middle Eastern country with anti-missile systems on April 13. Additionally, Iran and Russia have agreed to barter over $20 billion dollars worth of goods. This news comes during rising tensions in Iran’s Nuclear talks with western powers.Sources: [ITAL]Business Insider[ITAL] and [ITAL]Pavvand[ITAL].

[BOLD]Rome[BOLD] — 400 Libyan refugees drowned off the coast of Italy on Tuesday. Around 150 survivors were rescued. The refugees were fleeing the increasingly unstable state. Political unrest persists in Libya a little over four years after Muammar Gaddafi’s execution in Sirte. Source: Reuters

[BOLD]Brussels[BOLD] — European Union antitrust regulators will take Google Inc. to court. Second in highly publicized cases against Google, the latest charges follow the controversial case regarding the “Right to be forgotten” in 2010. Google claims to not have in any way violated European antitrust laws. Source: [ITAL]The Wall Street Journal[ITAL]

[BOLD]Anbar[Bold], Iraq — After losing the key city of Tikrit last week in Iraq, Islamic State fighters are pushing back in a counter offensive, attacking the Iraqi city of Anbar. This follows an Islamic State offensive against critical oil refineries in Baiji. Iraqi forces state “the situation in Anbar is critical,” and that the Islamic State will gain territory if proper reinforcements do not arrive. Source: Reuters.

[BOLD] São Paulo[BOLD], Brazil - The largest city in Brazil announced that certain areas have imposed martial law on its citizens. In an effort to fight dengue fever, which has broken out in the country, the government has soldiers going door-to-door on the streets in an effort to educate the populace about repelling mosquitoes.
Source: [ITAL]The Wall Street Journal[ITAL]