Crime and incident

Alcohol Amnesty
Apr. 4, 2015

University Police and CMU EMS responded to Morewood E-Tower regarding two separate calls of Alcohol Amnesty at two different locations and times. Both calls met the criteria for Alcohol Amnesty. Therefore, no citations were issued.

Suspicious Person
Apr. 4, 2015

University Police responded to a report of a suspicious person in the lobby of Webster Hall Apartments. Because the area is private property and the male had no legitimate purpose for being in the area, he was directed to leave the area after he was identified.

Domestic Situation
Apr. 4, 2015

University Police arrived first on scene to a report of a domestic situation at the Park Mansions on the Frew Street Extension. Officers were advised that the complainant’s father physically assaulted her and then left the scene. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police was summoned to take additional information and proceed with the investigation.

DUI Arrest
Apr. 5, 2015

A University Police officer on patrol observed a motorist driving at a high speed. After the driver proceeded to drive erratically, a traffic stop was initiated. The driver was confirmed to be intoxicated and was subsequently placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Underage Drinking
Apr. 5, 2015

A University Police officer observed a female student face down on the sidewalk, near the intersection of Forbes and Morewood Avenues. Police summoned medical assistance. The female student was confirmed to be under the legal drinking age and is being cited for the violation.

Suspicious Activity
Apr. 9, 2015

A student filed reports with University Police and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police regarding a male of Middle Eastern European descent in his late 20’s to early 30’s, with a scruffy beard, black short hair and bushy eyebrows operating a four-door, silver or gray, older model vehicle pulling beside her as she walked in Shadyside.
The male stated “Get in the car,” during one encounter and drove slowly at her pace as she walked on the street. Several days later, the student saw the vehicle again, which drove suspiciously as she walked in Shadyside. The student was advised to contact police immediately if the unidentified male is seen again.