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Oklahoma marriage law is absurd

Not only is this law against the very ideals our nation was founded on, but it is a direct attack on individual groups of citizens.

CMU must do more to prioritize diversity not just on paper

Carnegie Mellon’s Diversity Town Hall meeting left me disillusioned and disheartened. I am calling for tangible action that directly leads to a more culturally inclusive campus in the next few years.

Good service trips need humility, respectfulness

Service trips are wrought with complications. They aren't easy to do and many of the things we see are not easy to witness. But no matter how uncomfortable and ungrateful I may feel, I will return.

Glee proved bad writing can still be worthwhile

More — and certainly earlier — than any other show, Glee demonstrated that diversity in television is both feasible and practical.

MOSAIC creates colorful, important gender discussion

It is fantastic to see Carnegie Mellon Student Life taking initiative and sponsoring this comprehensive event. There is still much to do about the issue of gender.

Voting is right and responsibility for every students

While some students scoff at the idea of spending even a minute of their time making their voice heard, it is imperative that everyone who is eligible to vote do so in this election.

Democratic process should decide shell space use

Although Senate plans to use the shell space in way that benefits the student body at large, the process by which they acquired the space is questionable.

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