Campus crime and incident reports

Alcohol Amnesty
Feb. 21, 2015

University Police and CMU EMS were summoned to Margaret Morrison Apartments in response to an intoxicated male student. The student was given medical attention. Because this incident met the criteria for alcohol amnesty, no charges were filed.

Criminal Mischief: Graffiti
Feb. 22, 2015

University Police were dispatched to Fairfax Apartments, where they found graffiti spray-painted on an exterior wall. Upon investigation, University Police found several properties around Fairfax Apartments that had been damaged with spray paint. This investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Mischief
Feb. 21, 2015

University Police and the Pittsburgh Police Department took reports after an unknown man — described as 20 years old, blond, and white — vandalized several flags and decorative plants in the lobby of Webster Hall Apartments.

Alcohol Amnesty
Feb. 22, 2015

University Police and CMU EMS were dispatched to the Greek Quadrangle after receiving reports of an intoxicated female. The student was given medical attention and no charges were filed. This incident met the criteria for alcohol amnesty.

Suspicious Person
Feb. 25, 2015

University Police responded to Wean Hall after a student reported a suspicious man — described as around 5’8”, black, stocky, and dressed in casual clothing — following her. The man eventually stopped following the student and left the area. The man has not been identified at this time.

Defiant Tresspass, Theft
Feb. 26, 2015

A Carnegie Mellon student reported that around 11:58 p.m. he was approached by a black female in her forties outside of the Residence on Fifth. The woman asked for cash so that she could buy gas, tend to her ailing mother in the hospital, and get a babysitter for her child, who was in the back seat of the woman’s car. The student withdrew $60 from the ATM on Fifth Avenue and the woman gave him a ride to Cathedral Mansions, promising to pay him back.

This incident is similar to several others, in which a known individual scams students with similar stories. University Police urges students in similar situations to call the police immediately and not give out any money.