International news in brief

Security holes in Paris revealed

It is now apparent that the attacks in Paris were preventable. Events preceding the attacks being rife with security errors. Paris and Brussels were both warned by Ankara of imminent terrorist threats. A mastermind of the Paris attacks was briefly detained in Brussels, but released on loose evidence.

Source: Reuters

Obama discusses Islamic State

In a recent statement made in Malaysia, President Obama stated that the coalition against Islamic State (IS) will “not relent.” He added that the goal of defeating IS is not only a realistic one, but one that all the parties involved are working their hardest to achieve.

Source: Le Monde

Palestinian, Israeli tensions rising

An Israeli woman was stabbed to death on Sunday, continuing a wave of violence between Palestinian citizens and Israeli government forces. Three attackers were killed in separate events, including the death of the Israeli citizen. This current spike in violence comes prior to John Kerry’s visit to the area.

Source: New York Times

Belgian PM ready for ISIS attack

Brussels is on high alert as of Sunday, as Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel ordered the closure of several schools in the city. This comes with the fear of an impending attack in the region. Police forces have closed off the streets of Brussels, as well as pictures of the third suspect in the Stade de France bombings.

Source: The Telegraph

Trump discusses terrorism policy

In another wave of highly publicized statements by both GOP front runners Ben Carson and Donald Trump, recent statements by the candidates regarding torture methods have been highly critiqued. Trump claims that waterboarding pales in comparison to terrorism.

Source: The Guardian

Pfizer eyes Allergan merger

American drug manufacturer Pfizer is looking to go through with a $150 billion merger with Irish drug company Allergan. Many lawmakers hope the deal will be blocked, as there are tax evasion implications behind the deal.

Source: The Wall Street Journal