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Context aware apps recognize objects touched by user

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a new technique, called EM-Sense, that can detect whether a person is in contact with an electrical or electromechanical object and then identify it.

Researchers study personal fabrication

She believes that through the development of more intuitive devices that provide quicker feedback to a user’s input, we may reach a point in the future where we can make any type of object we desire.

Laurence Ales gives lecture on automation and job loss

Technological change has been happening throughout human history, moving the labor force from artisans, to factory laborers, to service workers.

Atomic bombs embody unique application of atomic energy

Although no atomic weapons have been used to date since World War II, the threat they pose stems from their enormous chemical potency.

Scitech Briefs

Researchers create eyedrops with the potential to treat cataracts, and gene editing tested as a treatment for leukemia.

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