Crime and incident

Underage Drinking
Sept. 26, 2015

University Police and CMU EMS responded to a report of an intoxicated female vomiting in the Greek Quadrangle. She was provided with medical treatment. The female received a citation for underage drinking.

Alcohol Amnesty
Sept. 26, 2015

University Police, CMU EMS, and City Medics responded to reports of an intoxicated female at Stever House. Since help was summoned by a friend accompanying her, this incident met the criteria for alcohol amnesty. The female was provided with medical attention.

Public Drunkenness
Sept. 26, 2015

A male identified as a Carnegie Mellon Student received a citation for public drunkenness after he was observed vomiting at a bus stop on Forbes Avenue. The student was provided with medical attention, and University Police took him home safely.

Disorderly Conduct
Sept. 27, 2015

University Police responded to an odor of marijuana at Webster Hall. An occupant of an eighth floor room identified as a Carnegie Mellon student was cited for disorderly conduct. Multiple items of contraband were confiscated.

Criminal Attempt
Sept. 28, 2015

A University Security Officer encountered a 30-year-old male attempting to cut a cable lock on a bicycle located at the bike rack in front of the Stever House at approximately 5:20 a.m. The man fled on another bicycle when discovered.

Theft of Various Computer Items
Sept. 28, 2015

A theft of computer items was reported to University Police at room 146 in Roberts Hall. A laptop along with several accessories were reported missing. No signs of forced entry were observed on the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Mischief
Sept. 29, 2015

University Police responded to a report from a university security officer on patrol of fresh graffiti located on the cable box of Neville Apartments. The incident was documented by University Police.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Theft
Sept. 29, 2015

A theft of engagement and wedding rings was reported by a CulinArt employee. The victim stated that the rings had been removed sometime on Sept. 28. The investigation is ongoing.