Business affairs: Strip/Crawl, news app, First Lectures

Senate reported that its Strip/Crawl event in the Strip District was a success, with approximately 400 people using a chartered bus shuttle for the event. Marty’s Market, which was located next to the shuttle stop and gave Carnegie Mellon students a 10 percent discount, saw a $900 increase in sales, according to Senate.

As part of the Collegiate Readership Program, USA Today is launching a campus news app with Carnegie Mellon as a pilot participant.

Additionally, The First Lectures series, a lecture series during which seniors speak about their experiences at Carnegie Mellon, will occur in February, March, and April.

Special allocation: Water polo

Men’s water polo requested $1,506 for three delayed flights during their return from the Division III National Collegiate Club Championship in Maine, in which the team placed sixth out of nine teams. The coach’s flight expenses were not paid for, with a rationale that Senate does not pay for non-student flights. A reduction was made to the requested reimbursement because the costs were considered more than Joint Funding Committee metrics would allow.

Special allocation: Dancers’ Symposium

Dancers’ Symposium was allocated approximately $1,100 to rent The Porch at Schenley over Carnival for the organization’s 25th anniversary.

Getting feedback from students

Student Senate said that it wants to hear more from others on campus about initiatives they want to see. Senate would select student organizations recognized by The Bridge and meet with them to hear their ideas about possible initiatives. Organizations would be contacted before meetings so that they have time to prepare their ideas.