Did You Know?

April 7, 1914
Carnegie Tech won the Westinghouse track meet and secured the Smith trophy for the second time in three years. The pole vault competition was widely held as the most exciting event, with a member of the Plaid team participating on a bad ankle.

April 4, 1964
All-male pop vocal group the Four Preps were announced as the headliners for the Spring Carnival concert. Veterans of popular programs such as Ozzie and Harriet, Ed Sullivan, and Dick Clark, the group was famous for the hit recordings “Big Man” and “Down by the Station.”

April 3, 1989
As a conclusion to Women’s Issues Week and to promote rape awareness, members of the local District Attorney’s office held a mock date rape trial in the Mudge lounge with RAs playing the roles of accuser and defendant.

March 29, 2004
The Scotch Ball returns to campus after three years. The event, which was sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon Ballroom Dance Club (CMUBDC), attracted participants from Duquesne, and the University of Pittsburgh who joined the CMUBDC because it was much larger than the ballroom dance clubs at their universities.

April 5, 2009
To promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Sexual Assault Advisors board hosted “Walk a Mile In Her Shoes,” an event wherein men marched around the Cut in high-heeled shoes. Alpha Chi Omega still sponsors this event every year.

April 5, 2013
PayTango, a fingerprint-based payment method developed by Carnegie Mellon students aimed at eliminating identification and debit cards, was installed at multiple dining locations around campus. The system encountered technical issues, however, and has since been removed.