Student senate meeting minutes

Audience Participation

Student Body Vice President Ian Glasner spoke to Student Senate, urging students to vote in the upcoming elections. Elections began on March 27. Glasner is a candidate for student body president; Shalini Ray is his running mate as student body vice president.

Special Allocation: WRCT receives $40,000 for new digital broadcasting equipment

Senate allocated $40,000 to WRCT. Senate initially approved a motion to allocate $23,300 to WRCT, but an amendment was passed to raise the funding to $40,000. This funding comes from the media fee reserve account, which holds the yearly overflow from the unread newspapers provided by the Collegiate Readership Program, which is funded by the media fee, a $10 fee included in students’ tuition. Last year, Senate set a precedent by allocating $65,000 from the media fee reserve account for Activities Board: Films to purchase a new digital 4K projector.

The allocated money will be used by WRCT to buy the equipment needed to upgrade their studio to include digital appliances over the course of the summer and upcoming academic year. The company that made the analog equipment used by WRCT recently stopped producing parts, meaning that if their current analog equipment breaks, the radio station will not be able to broadcast.

Committee Reports

The Business Affairs Committee discussed tomorrow’s Arab Spring presentation by The New York Times journalist and deputy foreign editor Michael Slackman The Communications Committee will be tabling outside of the University Center for The New York Times lecture and handing out free lemonade today and tomorrow to raise awareness about the event.

Points of Discussion

Senate discussed the new senator oath and the upcoming Senate dodgeball tournament, which will tentatively take place on April 26. The oath, which was written by the Internal Affairs committee, would be taken by Senators when they enter office, and it outlines their duties and responsibilities.