Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Anita Barkin’s Health Policy Presentation

Director of Student Health Services Anita Barkin gave a presentation to Student Senate on the recently updated vaccination and health services policies. Barkin last presented the policies to Senate in December, and during that time Student Health Services agreed that they, along with student representatives from both the Undergraduate Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly, should review the student health policy yearly.

University Health Services has a link on their website with a list of all required vaccinations. The updated vaccination policy includes a slight change in wording that allows Student Health Services to update the list of required vaccines in line with national standards.

Chair report

Lukas Ronner, senior chemistry major and Senate chair, and Ashley Reeder, senior chemistry major and Senate vice chair talked about their plans to draw more students to the Senate general body meetings on Thursdays, which are open to the student body, especially for relevant ex officio reports. They also discussed plans to hold a large town hall meeting to talk about Faculty Course Evaluations.

**Ex Officio Report: Mike Steidel, Director of Undergraduate Admission **

Director of Undergraduate Admission Mike Steidel gave a detailed report on the undergraduate admissions process. After the regular admissions deadline of Jan. 1, the Office of Admissions is working hard to make decisions on every application by the deadline. Undergraduate Admissions has 17 full-time counseling staff, seven full-time support staff, and 20 part-time application readers.

The Office of Admissions also employs students as office assistants and Andrew Ambassadors, who give tours and perform a variety of other tasks.

Steidel also talked about Carnegie Mellon’s financial aid process: The first-year financial aid budget is approximately $18 million, part of $75–$80 million spent on aid across the university. Currently, 55 percent of students are on need-based aid.


There will be a variety of activities today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, including a listening tour by President Subra Suresh and a speech by Dr. Jendayi Frazer, director of the Center for International Policy and Innovation, entitled “Leading with Courage and Conviction.”