Fall ushers in new fashion

Credit: Rachel Cohen/Pillbox Editor Credit: Rachel Cohen/Pillbox Editor

The start of September brings cold weather in the mornings and evenings while you’re walking to and from home, but warm weather during the day when you’re walking around campus. As a result, many people might currently be facing the dilemma of what to wear.

Since it’s too early for winter clothes and too chilly for summer wear, the natural solution is to mix elements of the two. Not only will this better prepare you for the ever-changing climate, you’ll also be able to wear your favorite sundress for longer than you expected. Below are a couple tips that will help you dress for current weather patterns and transition your summer clothes into the fall.

Summer Skirts and Dresses

If you think it’s time to put away your summer skirts and dresses, think again. With boots and socks or tights, they can make for a great fall outfit. Try either type of legwear in a pattern to add interest to the look, but make sure they don’t clash with the pattern of your skirt or dress. Shorter boots are better for this look — combat boots are especially fashion forward.

You can also make your skirt or dress weather appropriate by throwing on a light fall jacket, a cardigan, or a sweater. Common choices of jacket for this time of year include denim or, as it gets colder, leather. Military jackets have been in style for a while, and they make perfect fall jackets. When they’re paired with floral skirts and dresses, the result is a girly-meets-edgy look.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a comfortable warm weather outfit, but they’re difficult to style. Can such a summer staple be worn in the fall?

Some “experts” say no; others say yes, so it’s all a matter of personal opinion. Fashion blogger Lauren Conrad indicated on her blog that “the style is ...perfect for transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall.” Conrad also advises that proportion is key and recommends cropped sweaters and jackets to complete the look.

Maxi dresses are on the bohemian side as far as trends go, and Free People Clothing Boutique is a useful source for inspiration on how to style them. In general, the maxi dresses featured on the website have been paired with short combat boots and follow LC’s advice with sweaters and jackets that are a shorter length.

Other Pieces

Summer tank tops can also make for versatile pieces. They provide an alternative to wearing sweaters and pullovers during colder weather, since you can layer them with cardigans. Add a light scarf to make the look more interesting and add a little extra warmth. Tank tops that are a longer length could be worn with leggings or jeggings and tall boots.

As for shoes, sandals and flip flops might be wearable for another week or two, but as it starts getting colder you should begin making the change to close-toed shoes. Oxfords and ballet flats are both useful intermediates between summer and winter shoes, though some people feel comfortable enough wearing their boots all year round.

When transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn, the key is to mix and match elements from both seasons while making sure that colors, patterns, and proportions are all in order.