Student Senate meeting minutes

Special Allocation: Enactus

Enactus petitioned the Senate for $3,000 to fund Project eLuma, a charity concert to be held during Carnival. This event was specified in the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) budget, but due to some confusion the money was never received. Because the Enactus representative was unable to answer some important questions, the Senate voted to allocate $0.

Academic Affairs

The creation of the “Thrive” wellness course is still under way, but is currently awaiting approval from Carnegie Mellon’s administration and undergoing standard checks and procedures.

Senate has received money from the university to help the creation of “Thrive,” and has also submitted an application for a grant that funds initiatives striving to impact campus culture.

Additionally, Senate did not receive a large number of responses to the current draft of the “Thrive” syllabus, but did receive a few of very good quality.

Senate members were invited to give additional feedback on the course syllabus if they wished.

Campus Life

The gallery crawl hosted by Senate was not a massive success, due to conflicts with both the 1000plus service event and booth building; however, those who did attend said they enjoyed the experience. Additionally, Senate planned to give out free coffee and donuts during Move-On for Carnival.


After re-evaluating financial allocations, it was found that some people and organizations had spent less money than they were allocated by the Senate. This leftover money was added back into the Senate’s balance sheet. Student Senate is set to end the academic year in a financially stable position.


The “Senate With You” outreach event was declared a success, with Senate members putting up balloons on the CFA Lawn despite a downpour of rain. Additionally, the publicity event “Bring a Friend to Senate Day” was also declared successful.