Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Arts pass program

After a presentation from a member of the Student Activities office, the Senate discussed and voted upon funding for the Arts Pass program. Student Activities is now in its second year of collecting data on use of the Arts Pass program, and encouraged Student Senate to continue its funding. Student Senate voted to fund the Arts Pass program for $18,000.

Elections Board bylaw changes

Student Body President Will Weiner addressed the Senate regarding proposed changes to the student body election bylaws.
The changes proposed ensure that students running for student body president officially have a vice presidential candidate on their ticket; and that campaign spending is limited to $500, with the maximum value of an item that can be given to an individual being $25.
Additionally, the value of items used in a campaign are also counted against this $500 total, so that individuals with special connections on the pricing of items do not gain an unfair advantage.

Table sharing proposal

As part of an initiative designed to address overcrowding in spaces such as the University Center and Tazza D’Oro, Student Senate installed signs that can be placed on a table that occupants are willing to share with someone else. This program is designed to maximize seating and avoid situations in which large tables are occupied by only one person each.

Chair report

The Chair Report to the Student Senate addressed meetings held with business owners on Craig Street. There is a proposed Town Hall meeting, to be held with businesses on Craig Street, to address Carnegie Mellon’s changing culture and the possibilities for incorporating Craig Street as a social area for the Carnegie Mellon community.


As part of the Senate With You outreach event, there are plans to erect a large advertising balloon on campus April 8–10, and for students to sign the balloon with what their dreams are. The balloon will be inflated and left on the CFA lawn until final exams.