Senate Minutes

Campus Life
Student Senate is in contact with administrators in an attempt to integrate more students onto The Bridge. This system will then be used to help organize the poster policy, with students being able to upload an image of their poster and receive the date by which they must take it down. As part of this effort to expand The Bridge, there are also hopes of encouraging a larger Carnegie Mellon atmosphere similar to the environment in Oakland surrounding the University of Pittsburgh.

Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism
Holly Hippensteel, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, spoke to Student Senate regarding academic integrity at Carnegie Mellon. Hippensteel presented proposed changes to the university's policy on cheating and academic integrity. The draft policy has been approved by faculty senate, and is in the process of receiving feedback from other groups. Specific discussion centered around what constitutes plagiarism, communication between professors and students, as well as the role of collaboration in assignments.

Chair Report
The chair report focused on discouraging absences from Student Senate meetings to make sure that the Senate stays at quorum. Additionally, meetings have been scheduled with influential figures from the Craig Street area in order to improve the way Craig Street is associated with campus and is related to Carnegie Mellon culture.

Special Allocations
The Carnegie Mellon University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) petitioned for funding to host a two-day summit featuring eight panels on topics such as smart building and art and a business competition. $2,000 was allocated to CSSA. Additionally, the Japanese Student Association (JSA) was allocated $683.40 to help fund its Japanese spring festival on campus.

Wellness Course and C@CM
Discussion was held on whether the course being developed on Carnegie Mellon culture and wellness should have a required course for first-year students, and whether it should be integrated as a part of the already-required Computing at Carnegie Mellon course. Discussion was also held on whether the course should be offered as a StuCo, or offered in department-specific versions.