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Media response to rape unacceptable

Rape is a problem in America, and it's clear from the reactions to the Steubenville case that people don't even realize it.

Sheriffs must be gun-ho about enforcement

Sheriffs refusing to enforce gun control laws are like teachers refusing to teach or doctors refusing to treat people.

Republican ideology shift positive

The Republican party is going through shifts in ideology, and it's for the better.

Time to put an end to stop-and-frisk policies

It's about time that New York City's stop-and-frisk policy is revisited.

A Person's Opinion

After spring break, The Tartan could use some motivation. So we asked, "What’s keeping you going until Carnival?"

Use protection when participating in sexual activity

STDs are on the rise. Students must use protection to keep themselves and their partners safe.

HERB paves way for human-like household robotics

HERB, the robotic butler, showed that he was a praiseworthy feat when he recently removed Oreo cream from the cookies.

Programming camps useful for basic tech education

Teaching children programming early ensures a basic technology education that will become necessary in the future.

President talks elections

Student Body President Will Weiner talks about the upcoming election and the importance of voting.

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