Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Academic Affairs

The Student Senate aims to accomplish three key objectives with respect to academic goals.

First, efforts will be made to connect with Carnegie Mellon’s sister campus in Qatar; second, to be in contact with the new dean for media technology to talk about Senate’s goals; third, to host a networking event at the conclusion of the semester.

Campus Life

Student Senate conducted a meeting with the poster policy administration — a subsection of Student Senate that deals with posters — in which they discussed processes that could improve efficiency.

They was also discussion on adding benches at the center of the Cut in order to encourage people to sit outside in the spring and how to expand the current Arts Pass program. One suggestion was to have buses running to the Aviary, the Mattress Factory, and the Andy Warhol Museum in order to encourage students to explore Downtown.

Finally, the topic of fines and warnings to organizations over poster violations was also discussed.

Communications/Town Hall Week

Discussion was held regarding last week’s Student Senate Town Hall Week, as well as the possibility of hosting forums and meetings for different parts of the university.

Also discussed was the creation of a blog to serve as a centralized web page for students to submit questions and concerns.

Ex-Officio Report

Student Body President Will Weiner presented a brief update on the Senate’s role with respect to the on-going dialogue on campus about mental health.

Weiner and the Senate are pursuing multiple paths to try to address the issues raised, including a possible peer-mentoring and support system.