Student Senate Meeting Minutes

StuCo on Carnegie Mellon culture

Members of Student Senate are working toward developing a StuCo course on campus culture. This would involve upperclassmen passing knowledge down to first-year students and attempting to address issues of fitting in at Carnegie Mellon.

The specifics of this course are being developed in conjunction with Academic Development.

CMU Student Experience Survey

Janel Sutkus, Director of Institutional Research and Analysis for Carnegie Mellon, reported on the CMU Student Experience Survey, which is distributed at the end of each year.

Last year, the survey had a 51 percent response rate among undergraduate students.

The survey largely focuses on student satisfaction, specifically in terms of classes, parking, and athletic opportunities.

Responses from students included information on self-perception, potential leadership abilities, faculty and staff mentoring, and other factors, including amount of sleep received and time spent on physical fitness.

Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy

Dean of Student Affairs Gina Casalegno spoke to the Senate regarding the steps the university is taking to overhaul its sexual assault and sexual harassment policies. Feedback from Town Halls and discussions regarding sexual assault and harassment were taken into account when refining this policy.

A meeting will be held in March for a final vote on this policy.

Business Affairs

Student Senate members are meeting with USA Today to discuss distribution of their newspaper for Carnegie Mellon students. Additionally, data has been collected from the Arts Pass survey and will be used when renegotiating the program in March.


AB Films requested funds for a new projector, given that their current one is beginning to fall apart. A digital projector was requested — one that would show films in higher resolution and offer the potential to show 3-D films. Funding for a new projector was approved.