Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Academic Affairs
Potential academic developments include an early course evaluation available for students before the end of the semester, as well as the possibility of a new machine room that could benefit students in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and Robotics Club. A proposed undergraduate and graduate networking event was also discussed.

Special Allocations
A large portion of the Student Senate meeting was devoted to the discussion of special allocations for student organizations.
Allocations were granted to SPIRIT for a fashion show, Ballroom Dance for Scotch Ball, Chabad for a menorah, the Baseball Club for a batting cage, and to the International Film Festival.

An allocation of $840 to the Asian Student Leadership Conference was referred back to the finance committee, $8,000 for the Lacrosse Team for a tournament was tabled until the next meeting, and $8,000 in spring break funding to Global Medical Brigades was referred back to the Senate Executive Committee.

Business Affairs
There was a delay in the delivery of the new University Center bike racks, which will now be assembled and installed in March. Additionally, members of the Undergraduate Student Senate will meet with campus departments, including Computing Services and the Housing Services Advisory Council, to discuss computing issues and dining issues, respectively.

Campus Life
Poster policy administrators are working to make sure that the university poster policy will be administered through The Bridge. Senate members are also in the process of contacting businesses on Craig Street and in Squirrel Hill to see if they will display Carnegie Mellon banners. These banners will be painted by design students.

Chair Report
Members were pleased with the results of Senate Town Halls and will compile the notes with the student feedback they received. Specific meetings will also be held to discuss whether Town Halls will occur every spring semester.